The Scholars in the Nation's Service Initiative (SINSI)

Krystal Cohen

Let's Talk About Service with Krystal Cohen

Fisher Award recipient, Krystal Cohen, shares with host Julie Wilson in the Let's Talk About...podcast her involvement in service ever since she first arrived at Princeton.
James Packman

Princeton University senior James Packman win Pyne Prize

James Packman have been named one of the co-winners of the 2021 Moses Taylor Pyne Honor Prize.
Sarah Sakha

Sarah Sakha '18 is 2021 Raphael Smith Memorial Prize Winner

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Raphael Smith Memorial Prize, ... Sarah A. Sakha MIA '21 for her essay "Back to barbari – and backgammon."
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Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens, MPA '17 will be joining alumnus, Jared Crooks, MPA/M.Eng '15

Mark Stevens, MPA '17 will be joining SINSI alumnus, Jared Crooks, MPA/M.Eng. '15 Science Impact Investor at Schmidt Futures

The need for talented and committed public servants is great. The challenges we face at home and abroad require a new generation of policy innovators with excellent analytical skills, a deep understanding of substantive policy issues, and a wealth of experience.

The goal of SINSI is to set outstanding individuals on the path toward public service careers in the U.S. government, focusing on both domestic policy and international affairs, through academic training that is integrated with work experience in federal agencies.

We are committed to preparing the very best to take on current and future challenges and achieve positive change through creative policy.

Careers in the federal government are not for everyone. There are many fields and career choices that allow the opportunity to affect policy; working for the federal government provides the opportunity to make policy.

For those committed to public service — those who wish to make a difference, to shape fundamental policy direction and change — the federal government provides unparalleled opportunities for smart, dedicated, and highly motivated young people.

Special Thanks

The Scholars in the Nation’s Service Initiative is made possible through the generous support of: The Robertson Fund; The David K.E. Bruce ’19 Scholars Fund; The Brooks Emeny ’24 Trust; Andrea Echikson '80 and Tom A. Bernstein; Frank Carlucci ’52; W. Hodding Carter III ’57; The Elkes Foundation; Frederick P. Hitz ’61; Gilbert Omenn ’61 and Martha Darling MPA ’70; Michael Morandi MPA ’83; Elizabeth T. and Jeffrey M. Peek ‘69; Marlene Hess and James D. Zirin ’61; and anonymous donors.