How to Apply

Internship Program Admission

Eligibility and Application for the SINSI Internship

Scholars in the Nation’s Service are selected based on outstanding academic performance, a proven track record of accomplishment, leadership skills, and a demonstrated commitment to career government service.

Sophomores and juniors at Princeton University who would like to become a SINSI scholar are encouraged to apply. If interested in an internship with the U.S. State Department, you will need to apply for their internship program as well. U.S. State Department applications are due in late September 2020. 

Admitted students must be prepared to submit all information for security clearances and/or background checks in a timely fashion. Students interested in international affairs must submit security clearance documentation a minimum of five months in advance of their starting date. Students who are dual nationals must take special care to submit security clearance applications with sufficient lead time.

Requirements to Apply:

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Be a sophomore or junior currently enrolled at Princeton University and in good standing academically.
  • Have identified an area of U.S. government work that is of particular interest.
  • Present a letter of reference from a professor in their field of interest.
  • Be able to complete successfully a background investigation and meet security and other requirements for work in the federal government.
  • Agree to the SINSI internship program terms provided in the acceptance letter.
Leora Eisenberg - 2019 SINSI Intern Scholar

Leora Eisenberg at the Fourth of July celebration. She is a 2019 SINSI Intern Scholar at the State Department at the U.S. Consulate General in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

plications, including essays and transcripts, may be shared with appropriate government officials as part of the placement process. It is important that students who have been accepted are very responsive during the internship placement process due to timing sensitivities.

Application Timeline for the 2020-21 Academic Year:

August: Application is available now.
September 14: SINSI Welcome Back Fall Dinner
September 21: Fall Open House
October 2: Intern Applications due
Mid-October: Intern Review
Late October: Intern Interviews
October: Award notification by the selection committee

November 10: Intern Welcome Meeting

December 2: Welcome Lunch and Professional Photoshoot