Alexander Correa

Alexander Correa MPA '12 graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Miami in May 2008 with bachelor’s degrees in economics and international studies. Correa completed a two-year fellowship as an international economist at the Department of the Treasury and worked on the Turkey and Lebanon portfolios prior to assuming the Andean desk officer position. He also managed  Treasury's coordinating role in the multilateral Microfinance Growth Fund for the Western Hemisphere and worked at U.S. Embassy Quito. He spent the summer of 2011 interning with the World Bank's IFC team in New Delhi. 

The Scholars in the Nation's Service Initiative accelerated my career to heights I would never have fathomed possible at the age of 23. The program's generous support and dedicated administrators provided me with the independence, sage advice and network necessary to secure competitive placements that matched my skills. My two-year fellowship with SINSI consisted of two rotations in the Treasury Department's Office of International Affairs and temporary tours with the State Department - Embassy Quito - and the Inter-American Development Bank. Each of these experiences sharpened my analytic skills and world outlook, raising my expectations for a productive graduate education at the Woodrow Wilson School. My SINSI experience exposed me to an array of issues that allowed me to hone my professional skills and witness first-hand the central role economic policy plays in international relations, particularly during this critical period. This fellowship has not only prepared me for the challenge that lies ahead at the Woodrow Wilson School, but also better positioned me to pursue a rewarding career in public policy.