Emma Treadway


Emma Treadway '22, of Amelia, Ohio, graduated summa cum laude as a classics concentrator pursuing the classical studies track with a methodological focus on education policy. Beyond academics, she ran The Daily Princetonian’s opinion section as an associate opinion editor, and served as the editor-in-chief on the 145th board. She also was a student leader for the Service Focus "Civil Society" cohort through the Pace Center, and worked as both an advisor and a former member of the leadership team for Matriculate, a national education nonprofit that pairs college mentors with low-income high school mentees. Treadway was a Questbridge Scholar and a Bogle Fellow. In summer 2019, she used her Bogle funding to work for her city councilman in Cincinnati, Ohio, exploring the intersection of service and political leadership, and how they can be more closely connected to bring about the humanization of political leaders. In summer 2020, she supported the newest Bogle Fellows during their summer internships as the Bogle Student Associate, and she worked for Reach Incorporated, a D.C. education nonprofit that works to improve teen literacy and supports those teens in pursuing college or a career. Treadway is the 2021 Gilbert S. Omenn ’61 and Martha A. Darling MPA ’70 Scholar.

For her summer internship, Emma worked at the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights