Mark Stevens Jr.

Mark Stevens '13 MPA '17 of Forestville, Md., is a Woodrow Wilson School graduate with a certificate in Near Eastern Studies. He focuses on conflict resolution and state stabilization, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa, and speaks Arabic. As the 2013 Frank C. Carlucci ’52 Scholar, Stevens has been involved in immigration and refugee studies, interviewing migrants in Central America on the  roots of undocumented migration.

His summer internship was with the Office of Policy, Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations at the Department of State. As part of his fellowship, he returned to the Department of State to work on refugee issues and humanitarian assistance in the Middle East in the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration in the summer of 2014, and subsequently worked on the Syria desk in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs.  Stevens also served in the political section of the Syria Transition Assistance Response Team in Istanbul, Turkey in late 2015. He completed his rotation with the State Department, Near Eastern Affairs/Levant. Stevens was named a finalist for the PMF class of 2017 in February. He received his MPA from Princeton in June 2017