Olivia Hompe

Olivia Hompe ’17 MPA '21, of New Canaan, Connecticut, graduated summa cum laude from the Woodrow Wilson School, with a certificate in Near Eastern Studies. She was one of two graduates to receive the Class of 1924 Award, which is awarded to senior(s) whose contribution to a policy seminar has been judged most outstanding.

Hompe, the 2017 Terrence A. Elkes Scholar in the Nation's Service, is proficient in Arabic and focused on security studies in the Middle East and North Africa as an undergraduate. In summer 2016, Hompe worked in the intelligence community in Washington, D.C., embedded in a unit that developed both her language and analytical abilities related to the intersection of intelligence and national security. In summer 2015, Hompe interned at Running Start, a nonpartisan nonprofit in Washington, D.C. dedicated to increasing the number of young women involved in politics. She helped coordinate the activities of the nonprofit and served as a mentor to high school girls interested in political careers.

Hompe was one of five finalists for the Treewarton award for best female lacrosse player in the U.S..  At Class Day, she was one of five athletes sharing the Arthur Lane ’34 Award that honors selfless contribution to sport and society by an undergraduate athlete.  She was recognized for her achievements as Princeton women’s lacrosse all-time leading scorer, a two-year team captain, first-team All-America member and as a SINSI.  In her role as president of the Varsity Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, she promoted diversity and inclusion on campus by implementing the “All Stripes, One Streak” campaign.  Hompe was also a member of the Princeton Women’s Mentorship Program, Princeton Students for Gender Equality and volunteered as an Arabic peer tutor.  During the summer of 2017, Hompe was a member of the English Senior Women lacrosse team that participated in the World Cup.

In July 2018, Olivia began working at the Defense Department in the Office of Secretary Defense Policy (OSDP) for Afghanistan/Pakistan/Central Asia (APC).